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A Customizable Approach

In this fast-moving world, even successful companies benefit from stepping back and taking a longer-term perspective on factors such as emerging competitors, new technology, evolving customer expectations, and their impact on the business model, organization, and board of directors.

Using a team-based approach, we will meet to review the goals, challenges, threats and opportunities your company is facing. Many companies have found stepping back from the day-to-day frenzy of business, and taking a longer-term perspective, drives refinement of a business's strategic path, and this can be reflected in a Strategy Map and Strategic Plan. Additionally, working with the company's board can help focus its efforts to assure that it is a strategic asset in providing guidance to the business.

Susan Powell Byrd is the primary consultant and works with senior staff, board members, and others as needed, to customize the approach so that it reflects the issues, needs and resources of your particular business.

We offer a range of services, from basic assessments to full-fledged, deep dive strategic plans, strategy offsites, and board performance enhancement. Depending on the breadth of the service, other resources can be brought into engagements, tapping into a network of seasoned professionals.

Service Offerings

Our strategy services are customized to client needs and resources and cover a range of levels, from basic assessments to full-fledged, deep dive strategic plans, and board performance enhancement. In addition to strategy development, the services frequently include offsite meetings facilitated by Ms. Byrd, as well as advice on communication and execution.

Levels of Strategic Planning

Strategy Assessment
Westover’s objective strategy assessment helps clients appreciate how gaps in their Strategic Plan may present barriers to sustainable growth. Clients may choose to engage Westover for additional services, or to address the gaps identified on their own.

One-Page Strategy Maps
Westover works with companies to articulate the mission, vision, and values and establish measurable objectives for four key perspectives on a one-page Strategy Map. The Strategy Map brings needed clarity and transparency to the company’s priorities and is an effective tool to communicate with and align the organization along the company’s strategic path.

Deep Dive Strategic Plans
Where a more in-depth approach is needed, Westover works with clients to expand on the Strategy Map and develop more detailed, well-considered 3 to 5-year Strategic Plans, including specific Strategic Initiatives, accountability, metrics and timeframe. Advice on communication and execution is also provided.

Strategy Offsites
Frequently, clients feel the need to consider strategic priorities in an offsite, where the participants, normally some combination of board and staff, can concentrate on strategy, rather than day-to-day operations. Westover plans and facilitates offsites regularly, always with specific agreed-upon outcomes.

Strategy Execution
Strategy execution is a challenge for many organizations and outside resources are sometimes needed. Westover provides leadership and expertise to clients that may require support to accomplish and/or update aspects of their Strategic Plan.

Board Performance Enhancement
A hallmark of successful organizations is a board that is a Strategic Asset. Westover works with boards to develop and implement processes and tools to aid the board in becoming and remaining a Strategic Asset for the company.

Susan Byrd

Chief Executive

Susan Powell Byrd has extensive experience in all aspects of strategy, based on many years in a wide range of roles and industries, during which she developed and leveraged her strategic capabilities. She has in-depth practice using various methodologies to establish strategic direction and align the organization. Industries in which Ms. Byrd has worked include: financial services, business process outsourcing, document management services, educational technology, battery power solutions, integrated steel operations and international trade.

In 18 years at Xerox, she performed as a General Manager of two successful businesses, Vice President of Strategy, Vice President of Alliances, Vice President of Customer Insight and Vice President of Strategy and Operations, as well as Chief of Staff to the company’s President and to a Division President. A critical skill she honed in these positions was strategy development and execution.

After Xerox, she served as head of strategy and business development at Ultralife Corporation and at Second Avenue Learning, before founding Westover Strategy. Westover uses the Balanced Scorecard and other methodologies to work with clients on a wide range of strategic engagements.

In addition to her consulting, Ms. Byrd uses her executive skills to serve her community. She has over 25 years of non-profit and for-profit board experience, as Chair, Vice Chair and Chair and/or member of various board committees, including Executive, Long Range Planning, Governance, Nominating, and Programs.

Ms. Byrd has an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA in Economics from Mount Holyoke College. Susan’s husband, Jim, is the founder and CEO of Westover Fine Arts, and they have three sons.

She was Chair of the Governance Committee and a member of the Executive Committee and the board of Lifespan. Boards on which she has served include the YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County (former Chair), University of Rochester Medical Center Strong Partners, Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester and Monroe County (former Chair), Center for Community Health and Prevention, County Club of Rochester (Vice President) and Second Avenue Learning. She is currently a member of the board and Governance Committee of Lifespan.

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