Branson Bank

Branson Bank

Board Performance Enhancement


Branson Bank Board Chair, Peter Peitz, proposed engaging a consultant to help the bank board become high-performing. A high-performing board would provide the bank a competitive advantage to continue its impressive growth, serve both its associates and its community and increase shareholder value.


Westover Strategy was engaged to assess the current state of the bank board and develop a set of customized high-performance board tools and a digital handbook for current and future board members. Westover met with all members of the board and senior staff and reviewed a wide range of bank documents to understand current policies and practices and identify areas for improvement.


Tools developed by Westover for the bank board include: a summary of policies and practices, substantive topics of focus, specific expectations of board members, a board calendar, self-assessments, peer-assessments, board composition framework, board committees and board service terms.

The customized tools were compiled in a digital handbook, which was launched and approved enthusiastically by the Branson Bank Board. The digital handbook is a living document, updated periodically and valued by both board and staff.

Branson Bank

Thanks to both you and <our Chair> Peter Peitz, for diligent leadership in the High-Performance Board process. The tools I now possess as a result of this work allow me to move ahead purposefully with the confidence of knowing that we will meet our desired objectives.
Bill JonesCEOBranson Bank
The activities during Susan Byrd’s visit <to launch the High Performance Board Handbook> the comments made, the body language, show that Susan is respected and liked by our whole team. Susan earned our respect, we like her ways of leading and persuasion and are thankful that we kept the project on line and moving. It is fun working with her.
Peter PeitzChairBranson Bank Board
Both the Strategy Map and the High Performance Board Handbook have significant value for the bank, by being complete, concise and comprehensive. What a way for a director to remain current!
Peter PeitzChairBranson Bank Board
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