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Center for Community Health and Prevention

Strategy Map


The Center for Community Health and Prevention is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote health equity, improve health through research, education, services, and policy, and establish local and national models for prevention and community engagement. As the center approached a major anniversary of its establishment, a strategy update was needed to more accurately reflect the center’s direction and priorities. Center Director Dr. Nancy Bennett asked Westover to propose an approach to work with the senior team on the project.


Westover proposed building a one-page 5-Year Strategy Map to articulate the center’s Mission, Vision and Values, and measurable objectives in four perspectives: Value Impact, Stakeholder, Internal Processes and People and Culture. Westover facilitated sessions with members of the senior staff to define the elements of the Strategy Map. Westover also recommended that Dr. Bennett form an Advisory Council to meet regularly and advise the center.


The Strategy Map is a valuable tool for the Center for Community Health and Prevention, used to communicate the center’s direction to its many stakeholders, including its parent organization, clients, funders, colleagues, staff and community. The Map is used to help the center continue to pioneer ways to improve community health, based on research, services, education, and policy. An Advisory Council was formed, including Westover Chief Executive, Susan Byrd, to provide guidance as the Strategy Map was implemented.

Center for Community Health and Prevention

The Strategy Map is an invaluable tool to communicate the Center’s direction and priorities to our multiple constituencies. We refer to it frequently to explain how our work aligns with the Mission and Vision reflected in the Map.
Nancy Bennett, MD, MSProfessor of Medicine and Public Health Science, Director, Center for Community Health, Co-Director, Clinical and Translational Science InstituteUniversity of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
The staff uses the Strategy Map regularly. It provides an inspiring graphic reminder of what we do and why.
Irene DoktorDirector of Strategic Planning, Senior Administrator, Center for Community HealthUniversity of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
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