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Lifespan Strategy Map 2.0


Lifespan is a well-respected, New York-based non-profit organization that delivers over 30 services to aging adults and their caregivers. Since its founding over 50 years ago, Lifespan has provided a broad range of services and currently helps 30,000 adults annually. The organization is widely recognized for many of its offerings, such as Elder Abuse Prevention.

Lifespan updates its strategic plan every three years, reflecting issues and opportunities, as well as internal and external challenges. Westover Chief Executive Susan Byrd managed the strategic planning process in 2020, including Strategy Map 1.0, covering the years 2020 - 2023. The organization executed the map, while expanding its service offerings to address the particular needs of seniors during the pandemic.


President/CEO Ann Marie Cook engaged Susan Byrd to manage the strategic planning process again in 2023. Susan's process included a board and senior staff retreat, at which a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) was drafted, analysis of demographic and economic trends, selection of top priorities, and leadership of the Governance Committee that oversaw the development of Strategy Map 2.0. The map reflects close collaboration between the board of directors and senior staff, as well as input from the entire staff.


Strategy Map 2.0, covering the years 2024 - 2026, has been completed and approved by the board of directors. It provides on one page the strategic path forward for Lifespan for the next three years. The board and staff are aligned on all elements of the map. The new map reflects lessons learned from Map 1.0, as well as other refinements. Key differences include:

1. Fewer objectives, to increase focus

2. Lead and lag measures, to assess progress

3. A Strategy Map Champion and Executive Owners for each objective, to improve accountability and balance responsibility.

Progress executing Strategy Map 2.0 will be reviewed quarterly by the board and senior staff.

I was so impressed with the process and outcome. This Strategy Map will be our guide as we grow the agency over the next three years. Susan did an outstanding job of leading our staff and board through a thoughtful process.
Ann Marie CookPresident/CEOLifespan
I have worked with Susan on two strategic planning initiatives for non-profit organizations and find her method and approach to be very effective in identifying the core drivers for the business and bringing clarity to match mission and vision with action. She is an excellent facilitator with the ability to bring multiple diverse perspectives and opinions to consensus. The Strategy Map becomes a living resource for ongoing evaluation of progress against strategic goals.
Vicky HinesChief Operating Officer, URMFG and Vice President, URMCUniversity of Rochester Medical Faculty Group
This strategic planning process was exceptionally collaborative and results-driven. Susan's ability to facilitate a truly inclusive process was remarkable. We have full confidence in this plan and its ability to guide Lifespan's continued success in the years to come.
LaRon RoweBoard ChairLifespan of Greater Rochester
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