Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Strategy Map


A large health insurance company had an employee benefits affiliate, Lifetime Benefit Solutions that was struggling with growth and operational issues. The company is the product of acquisitions that had been integrated into one company that operated autonomously from the parent.  Westover was engaged by Lifetime Benefit Solutions President Tom Cauthorn to help the company to achieve its potential as a strategic asset for the parent company.


As a first step, Westover facilitated the development of a Three-Year Strategy Map, working with the senior staff of Lifetime Benefit Solutions, and reflecting input from key members of the parent company. The Map reflected an updated Mission and Vision, as well as measurable objectives in four perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Processes and People and Culture.


The Map was approved and presented to all employees of the affiliate company and its board by President Tom Cauthorn. The employees appreciated seeing their roles in the larger context of the company’s direction. It was agreed that, as a next step, Westover would facilitate the development of a Strategic Plan, building on the Strategy Map.

Lifetime Benefit Solutions

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