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Founded over 100 years ago, the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) is a well-respected museum with over 12,000 works of art spanning 5,000 years of art history. After Jonathan Binstock became its new director, the MAG Board of Managers hired Westover Strategy to work with the director, senior staff and board on a strategic plan. Recognizing the ongoing disruption in the museum world, a few years later, MAG engaged Westover Strategy to update the Strategic Plan.


Westover Strategy proposed developing a one-page Strategy Map with a Strategic Planning Committee composed of the senior staff, board and community members. The MAP would reflect the Mission, Vision and Values, as well as measurable objectives within four perspectives: Financial/Value impact, Customer, Internal Processes and People and Culture.


After the Board of Managers approved the new Strategy Map, Director Jonathan Binstock presented the Map to all employees, explaining how their individual roles support the museum’s mission. The Map is used regularly to educate new employees, board members and volunteers and to confirm whether projects fit with the strategic direction. As a next step in the Strategic Planning process, Westover was engaged to develop a deep dive Strategic Plan for the museum.

Working with Westover has been transformational for the museum. The Board of Managers and staff now understand clearly the challenges the museum faces and how to address them. The Strategy Map and Strategic Plan are valuable references for us as we follow the defined strategic direction. Susan Byrd was a thoughtful guide who made the strategic planning process not only effective but fun.
Jonathan BinstockMary W. and Donald R. Clark DirectorMemorial Art Gallery
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